What to Expect

Myofascial Release deals with the structure of the body and opening up its restrictions to allow for a more natural movement and increased range of motion.  At the beginning of each session, a quick body posture analysis is done.  For this analysis, several parts of the body need to be visible.  The hips, rib cage, and shoulders all need to be viewed to determine if the body is out of alignment, what areas show restriction, and what techniques might be useful to restore the body’s normal posture and movement.

Clients need to dress down to accommodate the body posture analysis. It is recommended that loose fitting shorts or boxers be wore for men.  Women can wear a two piece swimsuit, tank-top and loose fitting shorts or other similar garments.   A sheet may be used for draping for those more modest, or for additional warmth during cold weather.  (A heated table is used in the winter.)

A myofascial release session often consists of multiple holds and stretches lasting 3-5 minutes a piece.  During these holds, the areas of restriction are gently opened up. This allows the body to structurally realign itself, increase its range of motion and often results in a reduction of pain and symptoms.  During the session, client exercises are taught so one can self-treat at home to both reduce the frequency of visits and to enhance the effects of each session.

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