The New Humanism

From The New York Times:

Now hundreds of thousands of researchers are coming up with a more accurate view of who we are. Their work is scientific, but it directs our attention toward a new humanism. It’s beginning to show how the emotional and the rational are intertwined. (Read entire article)

Chronic pain and memory


Musculoskeletal pain brings many clients to massage therapy. New research shows people who live with chronic spinal pain (for more than three months) experience difficulty with mental concentration and problems with remembering information.  (Read entire article)

Never too old…

I recently had the opportunity to treat my grandmother who is 87 years old.  She has had back pain for the last several years, did not walk well (often with a cane) and had trouble with stairs.  After only a two hour treatment session with her, she was pain free.  She no longer required a cane to walk and stairs were no longer an issue.  Instead of a careful walk, she moved boldly and confidently.  It is as I remembered her over 15  years ago!

Website Up

Welcome to the website for Serenity in the City and its inaugural post!

It has been a long time coming.  I started the process of leaving a massage chain franchise and starting out on my own early last year.  I realized then, that the effective techniques used with myofascial release do not easily fit in a discount massage chain franchise mentality.

I started getting things ready to go on my own over last summer.  In December, I launched Serenity in the City, in January I set up email, and now the website.

I envision this website as a place to not only give basic information about the services of Serenity in the City, but also a resource for more information about myofascial release and related information.