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Working Miracles

“Let me tell you, Michael works miracles! After recently completing a move into our new house, my girlfriend and I were suffering chronic pain and soreness, the type of pain that just makes it uncomfortable to live your daily life. We were both skeptical at first, but I really wanted long term relief, not the temporary relief I had always received from traditional massage therapy, so I thought I would take a risk. I had Michael come out and treat us both with a 90 minute session, and it was amazing! Not only was he able to ease out the aches, pains, and stiffness from the move, but he was able to release the pain from my car accident 20 years ago, my hip surgery 3 years ago, and my girlfriend’s chronic back strain. There wasn’t any of the pain and discomfort of a deep tissue massage and yet he was able to work out pains that had existed so long we had simply accepted them as part of life. Even six weeks later I feel better than I have in years!”

Josh S.
Saint Charles, Missouri

Never too old…

I recently had the opportunity to treat my grandmother who is 87 years old.  She has had back pain for the last several years, did not walk well (often with a cane) and had trouble with stairs.  After only a two hour treatment session with her, she was pain free.  She no longer required a cane to walk and stairs were no longer an issue.  Instead of a careful walk, she moved boldly and confidently.  It is as I remembered her over 15  years ago!