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Myofascial Stretching

Myofascial Stretching Myofascial Stretching is a unique self-treatment technique that follows the principles of Myofascial Release (MFR) as developed by John F. Barnes, PT. After a session or two with a therapist, you can get a sensation of how Myofascial Release feels, and once you know that sensation, this book is an excellent source on self-treating at home. This book makes excellent use of a treatment ball, which I will provide on your second or third session. I also have a copy of the book for review. This book contains a wealth of knowledge and demonstrated techniques that show how to get the most out of your self-treatment regime. You can order your own copy online at the link below.

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Therapeutic Insight: Waldo

Here is a short post from John Barnes about a cat and the vet.  It shows how the traditional medical viewpoint can be so focused on the symptoms, it can be blinded to the simple solutions.

Never too old…

I recently had the opportunity to treat my grandmother who is 87 years old.  She has had back pain for the last several years, did not walk well (often with a cane) and had trouble with stairs.  After only a two hour treatment session with her, she was pain free.  She no longer required a cane to walk and stairs were no longer an issue.  Instead of a careful walk, she moved boldly and confidently.  It is as I remembered her over 15  years ago!