Therapeutic Techniques:

Myofascial Release, as taught by John F. Barnes PT, LMT, NCTMB, is a gentle form of therapy designed to address the restrictions in body that cause pain and discomfort.

In its simplest form, myofascial release is used to correct a body’s posture and structural alignment to provide increased range of motion and long term physical improvement.

Serenity in the City was started to help bring this form of therapy to the Saint Louis area.

About the Therapist:

Massage is always something I have been interested in.  I thought about going into massage therapy right out of high school, but went into the computer field instead.  Ten years later, I had enough of the computer field and went to massage school.  I attended Shenandoah Valley School of Therapeutic Massage in Edinburg, Va.  The school gave me a good and thorough foundation in anatomy, physiology, and massage therapy techniques.  One of the techniques taught in the school was a form of myofascial release.  Although the form of myofascial release taught by the school was not the same as what is taught by John F. Barnes, I was amazed at how well clients responded to the treatments.  In cases where clients normally had 1-2 days of relief when receiving swedish or deep tissue massage techniques, they had a week of relief after receiving myofascial release.

It took another four years after graduating from massage school until I was finally able to take some of the classes offered by John F. Barnes.  In April 2010 I attended three seminars: Myofascial Release I, Myofascial Release II and Myofascial Unwinding.

What I learned in those three classes totally changed my views on massage therapy in general.  It wasn’t until those classes that I found long term relief from many of my own chronic issues.  I now use this form of therapy almost exclusively and try to offer my clients the same benefits I experienced at the seminar and in subsequent treatments.

– Michael McCool

About the photo:

The banner photo was taken by Edward Crim as part of his Forest Park 365 project.